Class II: Moderate Crowding

Case ID : BX8ML-018
Doctor : Dr. Marc Lemchen (New York, NY)
Start Date : 2014-02-01
Finish Date : 2015-05-18
Age : Adolescent
Age in Years : 12
Gender : Female

Extraction : Non-extraction
Diagnosis : Class 2
Malocclusion Diagnosis : Crowding
Mechanics : Labial

  • Estimated Orthodontic Treatment Time – 27 Month 100% 100%
  • Actual OrthoPulse Treatment Time – 16 Months, 41% Less Time, 11 Months Faster 59% 59%

Case Commentary : Adolescent patient with a Class II cuspid and molar relationship on both sides, 30% overbite, 3 mm overjet, and mild anterior crowding. Her mandibular anterior teeth were flaring and there was a midline shift of 2 mm to the right. She also presented minimal labial stripping of the mandibular central incisors.

Treatment Goal :Anterior alignment, reduction of overbite and overjet, and establishment of Class I molar and cuspid relationships.

Retention Used : Fixed lingual maxillary and mandibular retainers. Removable maxillary and mandibular nighttime retainers.