Invisalign: Class I with mild Class III tendency

Case ID : BX8TD-002
Doctor : Dr. Todd Dickerson (USA)
Start Date : 2014-01-27
Finish Date : 2014-08-07
Age : Adult
Gender : Male

Diagnosis : Class 1
Malocclusion Diagnosis : Crowding

  • Estimated Orthodontic Treatment Time – 18 Month 100% 100%
  • Actual OrthoPulse Treatment Time – 6 Months, 65% Less Time, 12 Months Faster 35% 35%

Case Commentary : Class I with mild class III tendency. Previous orthodontic treatment, “but did not wear retainers and teeth have shifted.” Maxilla is narrow and tapers anteriorly. In addition, an anterior open bite tendency and mild tooth size discrepancy exist. Excellent compliance. Patient progressed through 66 weeks of aligners in 30 weeks (including 6 aligners in control phase without OrthoPulse).

Treatment GoalAlign upper and lowers while improving inter-arch symmetry, decrease open bite tendency. Reassess at end of aligner series for refinement.

Retention UsedCurrently in refinement to increase upper arch width and improve smile arc.

Treatment PlanBroaden upper arch, level and align.