Registering your OrthoPulse® Device

STEP 1: Download the OrthoPulse® APP and register

The OrthoPulse® App is available for iOS and Android devices and compatible with the most common phones with iOS 15 or above and Android 12 and above.
Should you have a phone which is not compatible – do not worry! This has no influence on your treatment! Normally also your doctor can synchronize your device and monitor your compliance if he wants to!

STEP 2: Register your device

Launch and start the OrthoPulse® APP and Click on “Sign Up” after start.

STEP 3: Enter your data

The serial number of the device is on the bottom of the charger and on the box of the devcie. You can enter it or scan the QR code by clicking the icon.

At the end finish the process by clicking on “SignUp”

Personal information

Device & doctor information

Treatment information

STEP 4: Registration confirmation

You will receive a Text Message where you need to confirm your registration – after clicking on the link in the message you get the confirmation of your registration

STEP 5: Credentials for Log-In

We will send you your credentials by email and SMS – so that you can login to the OrthoPulse® APP

STEP 6: Login to the OrthoPulse® APP

First accept the privacy policy (otherwise we have to delete your data by law)

A pop up will bring you back to the OrthoPulse® APP and you are ready to go!!