Fixed: Class II with Crowding

Case ID : TS1.5-007
Doctor : Dr. Tim Shaughnessy
Start Date : 2013-01-31
Finish Date : 2015-01-14
Age : Adolescent
Age in Years : 13
Gender : Female

Extraction : Non-Extraction
Diagnosis : Class 2
Malocclusion Diagnosis : Crowding
Mechanics : Labial

  • Estimated Orthodontic Treatment Time – 32 Month 100% 100%
  • Actual OrthoPulse Treatment Time – 23 Months, 27% Less Time, 11 Months Faster 73% 73%

Case Commentary : Adolescent patient who wore a Herbst appliance in combination with fixed appliance therapy. Class II, crowding, and increased overbite.

Treatment Goal : Class II correction, bite opening, and resolution of crowding.

Retention Used : Fixed retainer in mandible, removable maxillary retainer.

Treatment Plan : Herbst appliance for growth modification and comprehensive fixed appliance therapy for alignment and inter-arch correction.

Analysis of Results Achieved : Very nice esthetic and dental result. The combination of Herbst appliance therapy for Class II correction and fixed appliances for tooth movement resulted in an excellent fit and nice facial balance.