Invisalign: Class I

Case ID : BX8TD3-009
Doctor : Dr. Todd Dickerson (USA)
Start Date : 2014-09-19
Finish Date : 2015-04-14
Age : Adult
Age in Years : 39
Gender : Female

Extraction : Non-extraction
Diagnosis : Class 1
Malocclusion Diagnosis : Crowding
Mechanics : Invisalign®

  • Estimated Orthodontic Treatment Time – 20 Month 100% 100%
  • Actual OrthoPulse Treatment Time – 7 Months, 65% Less Time, 13 Months Faster 35% 35%

Case Commentary : Adult patient chiefly concerned with “crooked teeth”. Arch constriction, history of clenching, mild upper and lower bruxism.

Treatment Goal : Resolve narrow arches and crowding with Invisalign and OrthoPulse. Improve symmetry and decrease dark buccal corridors.

Retention Used : Upper and lower Invisalign retainers.

Analysis of Results Achieved : Patient was part of an early investigative OrthoPulse study to evaluate movement rate during Invisalign. Standard Invisalign tooth movements were used for this treatment. The patient changed aligners using OrthoPulse every 4.25 days on average compared to the standard 14-day Invisalign protocol. Archform development and alignment were successful.