Invisalign: Moderate Crowding with Deep Bite

Case ID : BX8RN-025
Doctor : Dr. Tito Norris (San Antonio, TX)
Start Date : 2014-11-03
Finish Date : 2015-09-26
Age : Adult
Age in Years : 25
Gender : Male

Extraction : Non-extraction
Diagnosis : Class 1
Malocclusion Diagnosis : Deep Bite
Mechanics : Invisalign®

  • Estimated Orthodontic Treatment Time – 18 Month 100% 100%
  • Actual OrthoPulse Treatment Time – 11 Months, 39% Less Time, 7 Months Faster 61% 61%

Case Commentary : Adult patient presented with moderate to severe crowding and deep bite. Patient’s long teeth were ideal for Invisalign treatment. Moved early in treatment and had to be treated remotely for the last 8 months of treatment. Despite this, case completion was satisfactory with accelerated aligner treatment.

Retention Used : Fixed retainers in both arches and nighttime aligner wear.

Treatment Plan : Alignment of anterior teeth with Invisalign, moderate IPR to improve triangle shape of lower anterior teeth.

Analysis of Results Achieved : Alignment and occlusion goals achieved. Patient very pleased with the aesthetics and timeliness of the treatment. Expecting a small amount of settling to improve occlusion in the months after treatment.