Upcoming Webinar - Dr. Paola Leone - "At the Speed of Light" How to achieve better, more predictable and faster results

The Webinar will be in English – Date 27 Jan. 2024 10 a.m. PST/ 7 p.m. CET

In this lecture we will cover:
– The basic principles of photobiomodulation
– We will be showing complex cases using Orthopulse in combination with Invisalign to achieve faster and more predictable results
– Case profitability – breakdown of fees per visit

RECHERCHE CLINIQUE - Appareils fixes

No increase of root resorption compared to standard orthodontic treatment 1
54% reduction in time to achieve anterior alignment?2
26% increase in rate of space closure in adults3
73% reduction of peak pain compared to sham-controls4
Two-fold faster rate of tooth movement during alignments5

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– 63% reduction in the average time per aligner during OrthoPulse® treatment as compared to conventionally recommended aligner wear time6
– No measurable root resorption in six months6

Increased predictability of Invisalign® Clear Aligners using Orthopulse® 18

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RECHERCHE CLINIQUE - Rapports de cas

The use of OrthoPulse® allowed for faster aligner change rates compared to conventional protocol 7
Two long-distance OrthoPulse® patients, unable to attend frequent and regular appointments, were able to complete treatment more quickly than anticipated8
A patient using OrthoPulse® changed aligners every three days throughout treatment and achieved successful results9

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Increased gene expression in human cells 10
– Increased proliferation of gingival fibroblasts and endothelial cells11
– Increased proliferation and mineralization of human osteoblasts12

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– Up to 3.7-fold faster rate of tooth movement 13
80% less root resorption14
Increased mature bone in expanded sutures15
Lower failure rate of immediately loaded temporary anchorage devices (TADs)16
Increased mandibular growth stimulation?17

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