Calculate your potential time saving with OrthoPulse®

To estimate how much time in your orthodontic treatment you could save by adding OrthoPulse® to your treatment – we have created this calculator which shows you how many visits to your doctor you can possibly save by using OrthoPulse to accelerate your treatment.

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GREAT! You now have calculated your potential time savings for visits at your doctor!

So you know better – but on average you are spending 1 – 2 hours drive and waiting time for each check up visit, which you probably only takes 15 minutes.

Saving that time and imagine what you could do in that extra time….

– taking a nap?
– playing with your kids?
– having a drink with friends?
– listening your favourite album?
– watching a nice movie?
– ….what is on your mind?

Interested in getting OrthoPulse® ?

Simply tell your doctor to contact us under to order one for you!