The beautiful smile you want can now be achieved faster and with less discomfort than ever before thanks to Orthopulse

“I have been self-conscious of my crowded teeth for my entire adult life. When a camera came out, I would either close my mouth and smile or avoid it altogether. Thanks to Dr. Brawn and the opportunity to use light therapy to accelerate my Invisalign treatment, the process of straightening my teeth has been virtually painless and incredibly fast. I’m on pace to complete my orthodontic treatment in about a third of the traditional treatment time and I have had the opportunity to self-manage my aligners, making the process more practical and achievable.”

Sue S.

43 Years Old, 82% Less Time

When I first got my braces, I was afraid I was going to have them for at least two years; OrthoPulse® completely sped up the process! Whenever I came for tightenings, I couldn’t wait to go home so I could do my [treatment] because it eased my pain and made my mouth feel so much better. OrthoPulse® is amazing and I am so grateful I was given the opportunity to use it!

Ashton V. D.

15 years old, 46% Less Time

I think it was a great experience. I’m glad I got the chance to use this device because it decreased my pain and sped up my treatment process significantly.”

Ashley S.

24 years old, 80% Less Time

Worth fitting into your daily routine because it greatly reduces treatment time and improves results.”

Michele L.

44 years old, 62% Less Time

“After using the OrthoPulse®, I was able to complete my Invisalign® treatment in 12 weeks instead of 12 months. Using the OrthoPulse® was an easy addition to my daily schedule and I am thrilled that I was able to effectively reduce my treatment time.”

Maggie D.

24 years old, 75% Less Time

I felt like the OrthoPulse® is a good way to speed up the process of braces. It was never uncomfortable and I was able to get my braces off way earlier than usual.”

Nickolas A.

14 years old, 58% Less Time

“I got my braces off early because of the OrthoPulse®.”

Caroline L.

13 years old, 58% Less Time